Why Adobe Captivate 7 Is Ideal for M-learning?

Why Captivate 7 Is Ideal for M-learning

Adobe Captivate is the most widely used rapid authoring tool by the eLearning developers. Its recently updated version has many in-built features that support mobile learning. Here I would like to share some of those features.

1. Efficiently converts the PowerPoint presentation into the HTML 5 format

Adobe Captivate 7 is a complete solution to efficiently convert the PowerPoint presentation including the text, images, animations,  Advanced actions into the HTML 5 format. The clarity and efficiency of these elements of PPT are fully retained while converting to Html 5 using Adobe Captivate 7.

Efficiently converts the PowerPoint presentation into the HTML 5 format

2. The Tin Can API support

The Tin Can API comes into the picture when the training professionals have to keep track and record of the learners’ experience when they take up the course. The Tin Can API captures the detailed data about a person or group’s activities while taking the course on any device.

The Tin Can API support

3. Embedding YouTube videos

The most exciting feature about Adobe Captivate 7 for mLearning is embedding YouTube videos. You may face many constraints to enable videos to be played on all devices and browsers. To overcome this you may have the option of uploading the videos in YouTube and then embedding them in your eLearning courses.Adobe Captivate 7 has a feature that helps effectively add the YouTube videos to the course.

Embedding YouTube videos

These are some features of Adobe Captivate 7 that support mobile learning. Do you have anything more to say? Please do share!

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