Administrator Level Customizations Possible in Moodle – Part 2

Administrator Level Customizations Possible in Moodle – Part 2

In my previous blog Administrator Level Customizations possible in Moodle-Part 1, we have seen some features that can be customized to meet the organizations specific training workflow standards and make sure that the training is effective.

We will now look at some more features at the Administrator level.

1. Setting up training events in calendar

Administrators can create separate user personal events and site events making it easier for users to make a note of the events. All the scheduled webinars/classroom training events will be displayed in users’ calendars and they can just click on the event name to send a request for registering to the events.

Setting up training events in calendar

2. Moderation of forum/discussion area

Administrators and Trainers can create new discussion forums, edit discussions, and delete discussions. They can also reply to the discussion by the moderator’s name.

Moderation of forum/discussion area

If any updates or comments are posted in the discussion, an automated email will be sent to the moderator as well as to all the subscribed users.

3. Sending an email to a user group

Administrators can send an email to individual users or also to a group. They can set the filters to select the user. They can also design email message boxes using an easy text editor.

Sending an email to a user group

4. Building and running reports

Moodle already has some standard reports. However, we can develop customized reports according to specific requirements.

Building and running reports

5. Certificate tracking and expiry notification

The Administrator can view the list of certificates issued (with received and expiry dates), whenever needed and can export the list to an Excel sheet for evaluation purposes. He can also set a unique certificate code to the certificate. An automated notification will be sent to the administrator and the users on certificate expiry.

Certificate tracking and expiry notification

6. Managing payment for courses

As we know, Training Managers/Administrators can host the courses on the LMS and sell the courses by charging a price for them. The Administrator/Training Manager can have the third-party payment channels within their LMS and manage the complete payment process via Moodle LMS.

Here are some customizations that can help Administrators in managing the payment for courses.

  • Instant LMS Enrollment
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Bundled Products (Multiple Courses Enrollment)
  • Multi-seat Discounts
  • Multi-seat License Management
  • Multiple Credit Card Gateway Integrations
  • Invoice (Delayed) Payment Methods
  • Customizable Registration Fields (which pass to Moodle)
  • Affiliated Marketing Integrations
  • Payment through Local Currency
  • Process of Receiving Access Codes & Vouchers

Managing payment for courses

These are the list of features that I could compile. I hope you found the blog useful. Do share if you wish to share or add to the customizations list.

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