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Administrator Level Customizations Possible in Moodle – Part 1

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Administrator Level Customizations Possible in Moodle - Part 1

In the earlier blogs, User-level customizations are possible in Moodle – Part 1 & Part 2. Organizations are now moving away from commercial LMSs towards smaller, lesser known and more so towards open sources like MOODLE because of the customizations possible in Moodle. We also had a look at the different customizations possible at the user level.

Here I would like to share with you some features that can be customized in Moodle LMS at the Administrator level.

1. Approval for new user registration

If a new user wants to create an account in the LMS, he can be asked to fill and submit the sign-up form. Once he or she submits the form, the Administrator will receive an automated email prompting to confirm the user details.

The Administrator can view the user details and approve or disapprove the account. If the account is approved by the Administrator, the user will receive a confirmation email.

Approval for new user registration

2. Possibility of creating learning paths

The Administrator can upload any number of learning assets and categorize them to create learning paths that can be served to the learners as per his choice.

The Administrator can also give an order or the sequence to the learning paths and can control the learners to complete the training activities/modules in a sequence.

Possibility of creating Learning paths

3. Possibility of uploading/downloading documents

Admins at various locations can upload documents under particular categories using a simple upload form.

In the same way, just as users can download resources to their preference list, Administrators can also download documents, add them to “My Resources”, delete the documents or share them with other LMS admins.

Uploading/downloading documents

4. Possibility of uploading/importing SCORM courses

Administrators can upload SCORM courses using a simple upload form, depending on the standards accepted by the LMS. Moodle accepts courses of SCORM1.2, SCORM 1.3 version and also AICC-compliant courses.

Moodle LMS can track the scores, bookmarks, attempts, passing grades, completion status, etc.

Possibility of uploading/importing SCORM courses

5. Possibility of creating a question for test/assessment

Moodle LMS has many types of in-built assessment authoring tools using which the Administrators and Managers can create and add assessments to the courses. Random questions can be selected and served from a pool of questions to assess the learners.

With Moodle, it is possible to track the user responses and scores at both the questions and option levels and a graphical report representing the user scores can be exported to Excel sheet.

Possibility of creating a question for test/assessment

6. A webinar can be organized

The Administrator can very easily organize webinars using the LMS making it easy for the learners to register for a webinar and managers to conduct the webinar. Here is a snapshot of the process.

A webinar can be organized

These are some of the features available at the Administrator Level. These features can be customized in Moodle to make training activities more effective and the job of Administrator easier. We will discuss some more features in my next blog. Stay tuned to the Second Post.

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