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Adding YouTube Videos in E-learning Courses Using Adobe Captivate 7

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Online learning courses can be made effective by adding videos. Many organizations train their employees using such strategy. Recently, one of our clients came up with a requirement of including videos in their online training courses. The courses were about training their customers on the use of their product.

Previously they had used some videos on YouTube; now they wanted to develop online training courses with those YouTube videos embedded in them.

Adding YouTube videos to an online learning course is not a complex task. There are many authoring tools that make this task easier. One such authoring tool is Adobe Captivate 7.

Captivate 7 has come up with a new feature that enables us to quickly add YouTube videos to the course. Here are those simple steps to embed YouTube videos in eLearning courseware using captivate.

    1. From the Insert option of the Captivate menu bar, select the Interactivities option.

Select the Interactivities option

    1. On selecting the Interactivities option, the following screen appears. Select YouTube from the Interactivities set provided and then click Insert.

Select YouTube from the Interactivities

    1. On clicking Insert a new window (as seen below) appears on your screen. In the URL option of the window, you can paste the link of the video you want to insert. You also have many options like setting the quality of the video, its run time, etc.

Paste the link Quality of the videoRun time

  1. After inserting the URL, click ok and publish the course.

Click okay and publish the courseClick okay and publish the courseClick okay and publish the course

I hope that you find these steps useful. Please do share your comments on more new features of Captivate 7.

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