Adding a Result Slide to the Quiz in Articulate Storyline

Adding a Result Slide to the Quiz in Articulate Storyline

Adding a Result Slide to the Quiz in Articulate Storyline

In my previous blog, we have seen how to add a quiz to an elearning course in Articulate Storyline using the question bank feature and how to randomize the question sequence. But, it is also important to display the results of the quiz to make the learner aware of his understanding of the topic. So, in this blog, we will see how to add a result slide to the quiz.

Step 01:

Create a question bank with as many questions as you want.

Step 01

Step 02:

Click New Slide to open the insert slide wizard.

Step 02

Step 03:

Double click the Graded Result Slide under Result Slides tab.

Step 3

Step 04:

Select the question bank or question slides, whose result you want to display in the result slide.

Step 4

Step 05:

In the Options, you can set the other options you need for the result slide such as Retry Quiz, Review Quiz, Print Result, etc.

Step 5

Click OK once you are done.

Step 06:

You can see a result slide has been added to your scene.

Step 6

Step 07:

This is the basic result slide you get with Articulate Storyline. Let us give it a better look.

Step 7

The different “looks” for Pass result and Fail result can be customized in the Pass and Fail layers.

Step 7.1

Step 08:

We now have the question bank and its result slide. To give the quiz a more professional look, let us add a welcome page for the quiz. You can add a blank slide before the question bank with some introductory lines for the quiz and its result and provide a Start button to start the quiz.

Step 8

You can now publish your file, attempt the quiz and see your results.

This is how you can create a professional looking quiz with a result slide in Articulate Storyline. For more such blogs on eLearning design and development, stay tuned to my blogs.

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