How to Add a Quiz in Articulate Studio 13?

How to Add a Quiz in Articulate Studio 13?

How to Add a Quiz in Articulate Studio 13

Articulate Studio ’13 allows you to easily develop complicated interactions using Quizmaker. You can rapidly develop 25 questions with the simplified form-based editor. You can easily include drag and drops, hotspots and branching assessments in your eLearning course. In this blog, I am going to show you how to add a quiz using Articulate Studio 13.

You can add a quiz to a slide in 2 ways.

  1. Creating a new Quiz:

To create a quiz in your Articulate Studio course, select the slide, and then click on ARTICULATE tab from ribbon. Then, click Quizmaker Quiz.

Articulate Options

Quizzes and Interactions window appears with 3 options. These options are Quizmaker Quizzes, Engage Interaction, and Player Tabs.

Click on Quizmaker Quizzes, and in the upper right corner you will see the Create New button.

quizzes and interactions

 A new window will open asking you to enter quiz title. Then click on the OK button. Quizmaker will open with Questions Group. You can build the quizzes you want. Once you complete the development of your quiz, click on Save and Return to Presenter from ribbon.

Create a new quiz

If you want to edit the same slide again, you don’t have to open the Quiz maker, just open quiz slide from course. You will see two options, Edit in Quizmaker, and Edit Properties. Click on Edit in Quizmaker to edit the quiz.

Edit in quizmaker

 2. Inserting an existing Quiz:

Click on the Quizmaker Quizzes in Articulate tab. Quizzes and Interactions window appears, and you can see the Add Existing button. Click that button, and you will see multiple quiz slides which you have already developed. Select one from the list and click to edit the quiz again. Once you complete it, click on Save and Return to the Presenter.

Add existing quiz

 This is how you can add a quiz to a slide in Articulate Studio 13. Hope this blog is useful.

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