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How to Add Closed Caption (CC) Text in Adobe Captivate 7?

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How to Add Closed Caption (CC) Text in Captivate

Closed Captions display the content of the audio being played on the slide. The learner can see the transcript (audio script) as a closed caption above the navigation bar. It is very useful for learners who are not interested in listening to the audio and want to read that content on screen.

In this blog, I am going to share how to add CC text in Captivate 7.

Three Steps to add CC (closed captions) text:

  1. Inserting Audio
  2. Inserting Closed Caption text
  3. Selecting the format for the CC text

1. Inserting Audio

Select the import to slide (F6) option from the Audio menu bar.

Inserting Audio

Select the audio to be imported from the Import Audio window and click the Open button.

Import Audio

After importing the audio file into the slide, double click the audio file in the slide timeline. Shown below is the screenshot for your reference.


You can see the options Add/Replace, Edit and Closed Caption tabs.

2. Inserting Closed Caption text

Click the closed caption tab while listening to the audio. Place the cursor on the audio region where you want to add Closed Captioning text.

Inserting Closed Caption text

Click the “+” symbol and enter the CC text. Play the audio again by clicking the play icon or the space bar and place the cursor and add the CC text by clicking “+” symbol.

The Play Icon

Space Bar

After placing the closed captioning text, click the Save button.

3. Selecting the format for the CC text

You can see CC Project Settings window. In that you can see some General options like lines, Background, Font Settings, Family, Size and Color.

Give the specific number for the lines to be displayed, the background color, font style, and font size in the window and click OK.

Selecting the format for the CC text

Shown below is the sample screen shot showing the Closed Caption text.


Hope you found this blog useful. Please do share your thoughts!

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