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How to Add External Resources to Your E-learning Course in Articulate Storyline

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How to Add External Resources to Your E-learning Course Using Articulate Storyline

Resources in an eLearning course enable learners to view/ save the external data provided by training managers. This helps the learners gain more knowledge about the topic on which they are trained.

Adding resources to eLearning courses in Articulate Storyline is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the publish files folder. You will find some files and folders in it. Double click on the story content folder to open it.


Step 2: From the files that appear, select the frame.xml file and open it in an editor.


Step 3: You will find XML tags and at the bottom of the file, and you will also find a hierarchy of XML tags of resources which appear as follows:



      <resource />



Refer the screenshot below:


This code pertains to the resources, and you can add new terms here.

url=””: This specifies the location of external files attached to the course will be stored with their original names

image=””: This specifies the file location of external files saved with unique names provided by storyline on publishing

Title: Specifies the title of the resource

Step 4: Adding a new resource:

Duplicate the code of <resource> tag and change the properties url of file to be linked, location of resource to be added and title.

Make sure to do three things after adding a resource:

  1. Copy the file in the external files folder (with any name).
  2. Copy them in the story_content folder and give a unique name.
  3. Replace the url and image locations with our new ones.


Step 5: Deleting a resource:

Deleting a resource is easier than adding one. All we have to do is just find the resource you want to delete and then delete the corresponding <resource> tag.


Thus, you can add or remove resource items of your eLearning course from the published files.

I hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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