Top 4 Blogs of 2014 on Rapid E-Learning

Top 4 Blogs of 2014 on Rapid E-Learning

With the emerging trends in eLearning, rapid learning is one such term that we often hear during the development. Rapid authoring tools help you develop effective eLearning courses quickly, at a low cost.

In this blog, I would like to share information about four useful blogs on rapid authoring tools. Let’s see what they are:

1. Rapid E-learning Tools: 5 Time Saving Tips

Rapid authoring tools come with pre-defined templates, which allow you to develop courses in a short time. This blog shares five time-saving tips that help you make the best use of these tools.

2. Three Business Cases for Developing Courses in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is one of the powerful tools in the eLearning industry. With its wide range of capabilities, it is the most commonly used tool for eLearning course development. This blog discusses three business cases that determine the importance of Articulate Storyline in eLearning.

3. 5 Reasons to Convert Legacy eLearning Courses using Articulate Storyline

These days, many organizations prefer to convert their legacy courses into HTML5. This wonderful blog explains the three main reasons why organizations choose to convert their existing courses. It also tells why we should use Articulate Storyline for conversion.

4. 10 Must-Know Features for Articulate Storyline 2

With its powerful features, Articulate Storyline has created wonders in the eLearning world. Now, Articulate has upgraded Articulate Storyline and released Articulate Storyline 2. Want to know about the features of this tool? Then, go through this blog. This blog discusses 10 features of the tool that we need to know.

Hope these blogs are informative. Please do share your views.

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