3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Customized E-learning Courses

3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Customized E-learning Courses

3 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Customized E-learning Courses

At times, ready-made courses may only meet certain aspects of your training needs. Off the shelf courses may be easily accessible, but in the long run may be of little help to your employees’ learning needs. Customized eLearning, on the other hand, serves every tiny detail that you need to incorporate in your training. However, before you jump into the wagon, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Let’s take a look at the 3 key reasons why customized eLearning courses are the need of the day.

1. No/ less licensing costs:

When you use catalogue courses, you are likely to pay heavy licensing fees on a user-based access. This kind of usage usually comes with a period of validity, after which the course is no longer accessible. This is not only taxing, but also can be a deterrent if you would ever want to revisit the course to brush up on your skills.

Another case where licensing can be ineffective is when you have to pay a one-time fee. You may get to see the course as many times as you want. However in such cases, access to the source files are restricted only to the vendor. This means any changes in the content can be executed only by the vendor. This generally results in added expenditure and time.

But, when you opt for a customized eLearning course, you own the course on a permanent basis. You would just have to pay once with no recurring licensing costs or user registration fee, as you would host the course on your LMS. Owning the course on a permanent basis also means you own the source files, implying that any changes in the content of your course can be updated in a jiffy, and you can take and update your course literally infinite times!

No or less licensing costs

No less licensing costs

2. Aligns with your business needs:

Usually eLearning courses are made with specific objectives and state the precise outcomes. Most commonly, when you need to enhance employee skills or knowledge that will in turn boost the organization’s annual performance. For instance, your organization’s SAP process isn’t doing as well as expected, and you need to get it on track. For this, you opt for online training, and there are many off the shelf ready-made courses when it comes to SAP training. Such courses only give a generic idea about SAP and its generalized process. The outcome of such a course is that your employees may get an idea of what SAP is all about, however, they may fail to recognize its relevance to their day to day jobs.

Aligns with your business needs

In such cases, customized eLearning is the best and safest bet. Creating a customized course that is specific to your organization’s SAP process will help in two ways; a) your employees understand your organization’s SAP process and b) they know where they come into play in this process. When employees know what is expected from them, they tend to do better. This helps them identify their duties and responsibilities better, resulting in a proper and fully functioning SAP system in your organization.

Aligns with your business needs

3. Can be modified and reused:

As mentioned earlier, when you own the content you own the course, and the ultimate power rests in your hand. Business needs change from time to time. What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. Hence, as your business modifies itself to the changing times, the same can be applied to your training courses. Just because you have a small change in the way you conduct a certain process doesn’t mean that your course becomes outdated. All you need to do is tweak such changes in your course, and it becomes as updated as your new business needs. The amazing fact about customized courses is that they reduce efforts, allow you to reuse the course and can be recycled every time according to your needs and expectations.

Can be modified and reused

These three reasons are more than enough to make us realize that custom eLearning development makes a lot of business sense for the employee and the organization.

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