Why Does Your Learning and Design Team Need Rapid E-learning?

Why Does Your Learning and Design Team Need Rapid E-learning?

Why Does Your Learning and Design Team Need Rapid ELearning?

Very often the learning and design team at an organization is in charge of fulfilling their employees’ learning and training needs. They are well aware of who the learners are and how they learn. In today’s fast-paced world, information is available at the click of a button and this has radically altered the landscape of learning.

Organizations have huge training needs but very little time to execute them and If you’re a part of the learning design team in your organization and are looking for a fast and easy way to meet your employees training needs, then look no further! Rapid eLearning tools are a great way to get on to the eLearning wagon. As the name suggests Rapid eLearning tools are boon for those who live and learn in the fast lane.

There are umpteen number of benefits of adopting rapid eLearning for your training needs; let’s take a look at a few of them.

Developing the storyboard directly in the tool:

With so many easy-to-use authoring tools that require minimal or no coding involved, creating storyboards directly in the tool becomes easier and saves almost 50% of the designers’ time. You can skip the tedious process of creating the storyboard in a word document or as a PowerPoint presentation and then redoing the whole thing in the authoring tool again. With rapid authoring tools, you can just make the jump and create the storyboard in the tool itself; this gets your work done faster so that you can meet your time-crunching deadlines.

Easy to update:

After conducting your user testing on your course, you are bound to make a couple of changes. Updating a preexisting course can be difficult if you have other resources doing the changes for you but when it comes to using a rapid eLearning tool, the do-it-yourself approach works the best. It takes only minutes to update your course and put it back on your LMS. “Easy-to-create” and “easy-to-update” are the watchwords of success and rapid authoring tools are the need of the hour.

Easy-to-use interphase: 

The best part of using rapid eLearning authoring tools is that they have a very user-friendly interface. For example, if you are well versed with PowerPoint, then authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline will only take minutes for you to master. The best part about any rapid authoring tool is that they are not complex; all you need is a bit of reasoning and commonsense and you’re all set. There is no coding or complicated sequence of steps that tend to confuse the designer while creating the course. With simple interfaces authoring becomes simple and quicker.

Built-in interactivities:

It is in the use of built-in interactivities that every rapid authoring tool becomes the instructional designer’s best friend. This particular aspect of the rapid authoring tool makes creating courses even more fun and easy. You can choose from a ready-to-use list of interactivities and just insert it in your slide and add your onscreen content; it’s really that simple. There is no need for you to design a template every time you wish to choose your interactivities. The rapid authoring tools does it for you in so many different ways that you can use the same interactivity in several different ways.

With so many benefits from rapid authoring tools, the learning and design team of your organization does not need to look further to meet the growing training needs of your organization. The rapid eLearning tools offers plenty of benefits that will help meet your timelines effectively.

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