Why should you go for eLearning?

Why should you go for eLearning?

A Case Study of A New Hire Orientation for A Leading IT Services Provider

Many top-notch organizations are using eLearning for business results. Let’s look at a case study of an organization that deployed eLearning initiatives for meeting specific business goals. The case study shared here is that of a new product course for a leading provider of professional services.

The business goal behind this organization’s eLearning initiative was to put together unique new hire training. The goal was to orient new hires to the organization, its values, its culture and of course it’s business. The main thrust was on new hires imbibing the values that made that organization successful. Hence, the focus was on attitude more than anything else.

The challenge was to ensure that new hires caught on to the driving philosophy of the organization. Prior to the eLearning, the organization had already rolled out a poster campaign on the company’s core values, which interestingly enough, was shaped around a popular motivational book.

Once the new hires came on board, implementing eLearning gave them a deep dive into what they had already been introduced to at a surface level.

Business Impact: All employees who took this course felt welcome and initiated into the philosophy that was a key driver for this organization. And Employee engagement was achieved successfully.

Why should you go for eLearning?

Thus, as Nick Van Dam puts it in simple terms when he says ‘business impact shows up as revenue, earnings, growth, and sustainability, and can appear as hard or soft benefits’. Keeping your key business goals in mind, check if your eLearning initiatives are aligned with them and geared towards results. At the risk of stating the obvious, I’d like to emphasize that implementing eLearning for the sake of implementing eLearning is wasted effort.

eLearning for the sake of business impact is the only way to ensure that your eLearning initiative pays rich dividends.

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