5 Reasons Why Employees Lose Motivation

5 Reasons Why Employees Lose Motivation

There has been enough research which shows that employees are all enthusiastic and motivated when they first join an organization. However, six months down the lane, that enthusiasm dwindles somehow and their morale only degenerates with each passing year. What could be the possible reasons for this trend?

Lack of Confidence: Lack of faith and confidence in one’s own abilities is one of the major factors that demotivates employees. Added to this, if they have experienced failure in the past, they may be hesitant to take initiatives due to fear of failure. This might also impact their morale.

Lack of Direction: One of the main factors that helps maintain employee enthusiasm is a clear and defined sense of purpose and direction. Employees should have a clear idea about what the organization stands for and what it expects from them. Otherwise, they do not have any idea about their role or their relevance in attaining organizational objectives, which in no way would enthuse them to contribute their best.

Lack of Fairness: In some organizations, there is no fairness in judging capabilities or giving recognition to employees’efforts. If sycophants or yes-men are given preference to honest and hard working employees, it is bound to affect their morale. If employees are not treated fairly and not given due respect in their workplace, it certainly paves the way for demotivation across the rank and file.

Lack of Support: In some cases, employees are given the responsibility to undertake a task but are deprived of the authority to carry out the responsibility. They may not be given adequate resources or time curtailing their ability to function well and deliver the expected results. This leads to increasing frustration.

Lack of Recognition or Rewards: Employees expect their efforts to be acknowledged and rewarded either monetarily or in the form of recognition. The enthusiasm to put in their best efforts will reduce if employees do not get due recognition for their achievements in their jobs.

The above factors are responsible for demotivating employees in organizations. If we can ensure that these factors do not exist within our work environment, the chances are that there will be very few employees with low morale or motivation.