Why Do You Need to Promote E-learning and How Do You Do It?

Why Do You Need to Promote E-learning and How Do You Do It?

Let me share an interesting fact about the eLearning marketing and how it can contribute to your eLearning success. As a training manager, or an eLearning project manager or stakeholder, you might have worked hard with SMEs and developers in completing eLearning course development.

However, you find that no one in your organization knows about it and you don’t find registrants for that course? What could be the reasons for this? We may have created a program after considering all needs of learners. Yet, without a proper roll-out plan, your eLearning initiative can go in vain.

If you develop courses and expect people to enroll for it automatically, it generally doesn’t work that way. This is the ground reality in most organizations. If you want your eLearning initiative to work, it is highly recommended that you put in maximum effort for its promotion. However creative your eLearning course may be, unless you promote it to the right people, it will have no takers and it becomes a waste of time and resources.

So, what are the ways in which you can ensure that everybody is on the same page about eLearning roll-out and implementation?

As we know, any product or service cannot be a success unless it is properly promoted. Only when awareness about it is created effectively will it catch the attention of key stakeholders and get their buy in. Likewise, eLearning initiative also requires proper promoting to ensure it reaches the right set of learners and ensures their registration for the courses.

Therefore, your eLearning initiative needs promoting just as any other product would and you need to solicit the help of training champions in your organization. In fact, promoting eLearning within the organization requires as much effort or more than what you invest in eLearning development.

Promoting eLearning can be one of the most important activities for the success of the eLearning initiative. Promoting cannot just stop with the learner alone but it also has a lot of strategically value at the organizational level. Organizations spend most of the revenue in training their employees but they underestimate the value of promoting it to the right audience. It also has to receive the buy in from the Managers so that they are able to understand the importance of taking it to their subordinates. So how can you ensure that eLearning gets the buy-in from Managers and key stakeholders within the organization? Here is a three-step process:

1. Promote/Sell the advantages to the manager

To promote your eLearning initiative, you need to acknowledge the role of managers. As they are the ones who sell your eLearning courses to appropriate learners, you should convey to them that eLearning is the best approach to improve the performance of an employee and seek their help in doing so. They need to understand the importance of ongoing learning or continuous learning that is essential for both personal growth as well as organizational growth.

2. Rope them into the eLearning implementation process

Form a group of champions who have influencing powers over your target audience. The best way is to involve them throughout the process of eLearning implementation instead of waiting till the course development has completed. Make use of meetings and use them has a base for promoting the eLearning program and updating the others in the organization of its status.

3. Involve them with eLearning development

If you really involve managers in the right way during the eLearning development process, they can guide you and work with you as a subject matter expert. That would be a huge asset. Take their views on the training and if possible, make a small clip where they share a short message on the importance of eLearning and stressing the point to employees on why they should take the training.

Managers are the key influencers who can make or break your eLearning implementation process. If the manager does not give much importance to the eLearning courses, it is unlikely that employees would put in effort in taking them as they would not consider it important. Hence, you need to invest efforts to promote your eLearning initiative to line managers who are directly supervising your target audience.

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