Where to Use Videos in E-learning?

Where to Use Videos in E-learning?

A video based training provides much needed visual relief to learners. They also stimulate them and motivate them to focus on the content better. In my previous post, I shared some tips on How to use videos in eLearning?

In this post, I’ll focus on where to use videos in eLearning and discuss its importance in employee training.


You can make testimonials of employees who have already taken an eLearning course and include that in promotional videos that promote the course. It can be an effective way to market your eLearning initiative within the organization. We have created such trailers for one of our clients to promote their courses and on-demand webinars. The client has shared with us that the videos were helpful in popularizing the resources, and subsequently there were more registrations for the courses.

Induction Training: 

A video can be used in induction training in the form of a message given by the CEO or a high-ranking manager of the organization. This would be a good way to explain the company’s vision and mission to the new employees. Of course, there are other elements that need to be part of an induction training program. If you want to learn more about it, Watch Video

Welcome Screen: 

A welcome screen is the first thing your audience/trainees see, when they open an eLearning course. Videos can be used to give a brief introduction about the course and its objectives in a simple way. It enables the learner to know what to expect from the course.

A welcome screen can include key information about the navigation buttons, suggestions on how to approach the course and information related to additional resources, discussion forums (if available) and so on. It enables learners to get familiar with the course interface.

Here are some of the screen shots of a Video-based eLearning course.

Welcome screen

Product Training/Demonstration: 

Another area where videos could be of immense value is product training. We all know that product training plays a crucial role when launching/selling new products in the market. Videos can be created to show how a product functions. They are helpful, l when live demo of the product cannot be arranged, and yet it is important to show how the product works. This can be useful not just to the sales staff or the employees working in the organization, but also to customers, dealers, resellers.

  • End-users
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customers
  • Dealers
  • Resellers
  • Vendors

Product features, benefits, its correct usage, and the precautions to be taken while handling it can be effectively demonstrated through videos. It is easier for learners to comprehend and understand what is being said with little room for ambiguity.

Here are some of the screen shots from one of the Product training courses.

Product training courses

Product training courses

Processes Explanations: 

A process may involve a series of stages or events. A process can be explained in different ways such as process tables, process flow charts and circular diagrams.

These tools can also be used in an animated video, so that a process, which consists of various stages, can be visually demonstrated for better retention. Let us consider an example – food safety program which we had used in one of our courses.

For this, we had incorporated a short streaming video in the eLearning training course. This video mainly focuses on explaining different stages in the food safety program given as documentation, implementation, record keeping and auditing. All the stages were explained briefly and focused mainly on key points and then the all stages were explained later, in detail, in the course.

Process explanations


Software training may be imparted on how to utilize built-in functionality, how to use customized layouts and menus etc. Embedding videos in software training courses helps employees to understand the technicalities of the software clearly, and it allows them to apply in real time environment.

Here is a screen shot showing “creating a macro in MS-Excel”.

Software simulation

Simulations allow learners to watch, try and perform the given tasks. This will make the learner to go through the whole process and apply the knowledge given as assessments.

Here is a sample screen shot from one of our video based software training course, showing on how to open an excel sheet from the given files.

Sample course screenshot

Video based training allows learners to understand the functionality of the software system and equips them to develop the necessary skills to operate the software confidently and efficiently.

To demonstrate a specific task: 

Videos can be incorporated to show/demonstrate a specific task in a systematic way. It shows how-to do, and how not to do the given task effectively.

Here are some of the screen shots from HR-video training, which we had used in one of our eLearning courses.

To demonstrate a specific task

It shows a scenario based approach, allows the learner to know how to conduct an interview process and the criteria required for the given job, etc. This was a course that trained HR employees to recruit the right employees for the organization.

These are some of the main ways videos can be used in eLearning courses. If you have seen videos being used in other creative ways, please do share the same.

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