What’s Wrong With your Online Training

What’s Wrong With your Online Training

Are you not getting the desired results from your training programs?. Is the number of dropouts very high?. Do your employees often complain that they get bored with your eLearning courses?

In case you are facing any of the challenges that I have mentioned above, then there is something wrong with your online training. In this blog, I would like to share with you a few tips that will help you to make your online training highly effective and successful.

1. Instructional Design – A Must

E-learning is definitely more than converting your PowerPoint Presentations. It allows your learners to learn at their own pace and most importantly, the learners are involved in the learning process.

Instructional Design plays a vital role in the development of an eLearning course and can make a big difference. Let us see how eLearning courses should be developed on the basis of adult learning principles. It clearly tells how the learners are going to benefit from the course. Some of the elements that constitute an instructional strategy are:

Grabbing learners’ attention

Telling learners about the objectives of the course

Letting the learners practice

Giving feedback

Assessing performance

Instructional Design – Best Practices:

 Now, I will share some best practices followed by instructional designers.

You can gain the attention of your learners by starting the course with ice breaker questions.

Make learners aware of what they are going to learn by explaining the learning objectives at the start.

Include Formative assessments at the end of each unit and provide immediate feedback to the learners. This will help them correct themselves, if they are off the track.

You can provide a quick recap of what has been learnt by including the key points at the end.

Include Summative Assessments at the end to evaluate whether the learning goals have been met, and if they are met, then to what extent.

2. Selection of the Development Tool

 All efforts and visualization of the instructional designer become “real” only after the course is developed. And, in order to develop the course, a tool is required. Hence the selection of the tool is very important.

Selection of Tool – Best Practices:

These days, the usage of electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, etc has increased by leaps and bounds. You can make your eLearning courses compatible to these devices using tools like Storyline and Captivate 8.

The usage of rapid authoring tools has increased considerably because of their features such as built-in templates, characters, etc.

 Hope you find this blog helpful. Looking forward to your comments in the feedback section.

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