What Is eLearning and What It Is Not – Part 1

What Is eLearning and What It Is Not

The advancements in technology had significant effects on the different aspects of human life, and learning is no exception. With course of time, different methods have been practiced to meet the teaching and learning requirements of the present modern world in a better way.

E-learning can be considered a major technological revolution that has successfully transformed the basics of learning and instructing through the utilization of electronic media.

What Is Not eLearning?

Before we try to understand what eLearning is, we need to be first clear about what eLearning is not, because then only the dim light on the exact meaning of eLearning would be brighten up and we could further able to see clearly and understand what is eLearning.

Many people, because of eLearning’s dependency on the electronic media, jump into a conclusion that  adding audio to a presentation of learning content, or incorporating recorded sessions, or uploading audio/video formats of presentation or sessions to LMS/Intranet/website for the use of people is eLearning; but this is not the case. Then, what is eLearning?

What Is eLearning?

Benjamin Franklin said, “He would forget if you tell him, might remember if you teach him, but he could definitely learn if you involve him”. These words seem so true in the present context as far as real learning and imparting knowledge is concerned.

Ask anybody who is involved in the learning/instructing field and you could hardly find a person who is not interested in gaining appropriate knowledge to implement what is desired in a particular situation. And to achieve this, they seek various training alternatives. But the question is why do people always feel dissatisfied with the outcomes in spite of their efforts?

It is widely observed that mere presentation of learning content could hardly do any justice to the whole learning process. Any training methodology needs to be goal oriented; only then it would be fruitful. It could be effective enough to empower people to face new challenges of the present modern world as well as overcome the obstacles in the learning/instruction path.

E-learning could be defined as an effective learning system that is intended to address these issues efficiently and effectively. It focuses on training as well as facilitating self-paced practicing for people to meet the different learning requirements of people. Furthermore, by facilitating anytime, anywhere online access, eLearning overcomes the barriers of time and place, offering more power of flexibility to people.

In my next blog, we will explore how we can differentiate between eLearning and non-eLearning on the basis of objectives, process and evaluation.

Till then stay tuned and do share your views and thoughts regarding this.

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