3 Hallmarks of Well-designed E-learning Courses

3 Hallmarks of Well-designed E-learning Courses

3 Hallmarks of Well-designed E-learning Courses

Forget training and eLearning. Did you ever think what you really mean by a good design? Try to think about the term ‘good design’ comprehensively. For this, imagine and think about something that has been well-designed and approved by everyone. Else, hold this elegant design and consider the following things to define a ‘good design’.

  • Look and feel
  • Readily usable
  • Response and implementation

The above three aspects are the hallmarks of any good design. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

1. Look and feel

A well-designed thing consists of visual aesthetics such as right lines, curves and colors. Choosing the right colors along with pleasing patterns excites learners and drives them in. A good design also consists of a tactile aspect to it. Anything you design should induce a perceptible experience to the learner. For this, we should design the screen in a descriptive and impressive way.

2. Readily usable

The most important aspect of any good design is that it is easily understandable and readily usable. As soon as you see the design, you should be able to easily navigate and use all buttons within the design. Even novice learners should be able to open and use them. The navigation needs to be intuitive. You need to create easy-to-use designs which are attractive.

3. Response and implementation

A good design should solve the problem as well as it should yield expected outcomes. Before you start designing, be clear about the purpose of the design. Our designs should be in such a way that they enhance learners’ performance and help them perform their work better. We need to create great design experiences by focusing on what the learner should be able to do instead of what they need to know.

So as a designer, consider these aspects to create a good design. After designing, ask yourselves about your work and rate it. I am sure there are many other aspects of a good design. Please do share your thoughts and opinions on the same.

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