6 Handy Webinars to Help Solve Your E-Learning Design and Development Problems

6 Handy Webinars to Help Solve Your E-Learning Design and Development Problems

As an instructional designer, you need to stay abreast of the developments in the world of eLearning.  Here are a few very useful webinars by CommLab India that help you to update your knowledge of eLearning and instructional design.

1. Want to know about the global trends in E-learning? Click here.

The more we understand about the global trends in eLearning, the better we can design and develop our courses. This webinar takes you through the global trends in eLearning design and development. The latest developments in the field of eLearning are very promising and go a long way in helping learning and development professionals impart training of a very high quality.

2. Learn the art of instructional design it’s all just a click away.

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part of an eLearning project. To make our work easier, the first thing we do is keep all inputs in the one place which can be accessed anytime. In the same way, this series of webinars will help you learn the art of instructional design. It explains everything from the basics of learning to assessments.

3. Want to know about learning design process? Have a quick look.

While designing and developing a course, one needs to follow a specific process. This webinar explains the learning design process. It helps you understand the process of designing training modules, focusing on the needs of the learners, based on the principles of adult learning.

4. Want to find out what are best instructional design strategies to train your managers on performance management aspects? Try this.

In eLearning, the most significant part of any development process is the design phase. We need to follow certain instructional design strategies to present the content effectively and engage the learner. The webinar explains the best way to find out how to effectively train managers on performance management aspects and challenges involved in eLearning.

5. Don’t miss that right move! Here’s how to choose the right authoring tool.

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right authoring tool that suits your project requirement? Choosing the right authoring tool to develop an eLearning course is as important as making the right move to win a game. In this webinar, you’ll find invaluable information about the key aspects to consider in the selection of the ‘perfect’ authoring tool and the differences between popular tools.

6. Want to create responsive eLearning courses that can fit perfectly in different devices?

It’s important to make our courses accessible on multiple devices. In this webinar, you’ll find out what responsive eLearning design is, how you can begin to implement it in your organization and why you need to make online courses compatible with tablets and mobiles.

I hope these resources help you find out solutions to your eLearning design and development problems. To know more about eLearning design and development, you can download webinars of CommLab India.

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