4 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Learner

4 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Learner

4 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Learner

Any e-learning course becomes effective when learners are motivated throughout the course. Thus, we need to design a course in such a way that they cannot be distracted easily. On the other hand, courses should be designed in a way that it will encourage learners and also enhance their performance.

We can present an e-learning course with important and effective content, but we cannot make sure that the learners read everything in the course. Typically, learners are motivated when the course has meaning. How will you make sure that the learners are motivated?

Here are some simple and useful ways to motivate your learners.

Set Clear Expectations:

Even at the start of the course, tell the learners what they will learn and how they are going to benefit by the end of the course. Make sure to explain all the learning objectives in the course. And provide the course with all navigation controls so that the learners will feel motivated to take the course. We can also add audios, videos and games to further enhance the interest levels in the learner.

Set Clear Expectations

Reward the Learner:

Most of the learners are motivated by rewards. Find out what type of rewards you can present in the course to engage your learner. Sometimes the rewards depend on the learner level of achievement within the given time. Rewards can be in the form of points or affirmation. By giving these rewards, learners feel that they achieved something from these courses.

Given below is the screenshot from one of our courses where the learner is rewarded by giving batches.

Reward the Learner

Develop the Course with a Value:

Initially learners are interested to know whether the course is beneficial to them or not. Most of the people who are taking e-learning courses may not concentrate on the value of the course. Because of this reason they simply click the ‘next’ button to complete the course, especially if we specify the course as mandatory. Sometimes, they do not even complete the course. So, ice-breakers assess the learners’ knowledge, keeps him engaged and helps retain information longer.

Develop the Course with a Value

Help your learner:

Most of the learners pay attention toward your course when they know for sure that it will help them perform better. So we must develop the course in such a way that it should connect the learner with the content. We can present content in the form of precise sentences and in a bulleted format. Thus, it will help learners to understand the concept in an easy way. 

Help your learner

Help your learner

Thus, motivation plays a vital role in the learning process. It can be used at the beginning, during and also at the end of the learning process. These are some of the factors you need to consider to add the motivation factor to your e-learning courses.

Hope you find this blog informative.

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