Six Sizzling Ways To Boost Customer Engagement Through E-Learning

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Six Sizzling Ways To Boost Customer Engagement Through E-Learning

The success or failure of the released product predominantly depends on the customer engagement organizations can build up. Research by the US based consulting firm shows that fully engaged customers can increase the profitability of an organization by 23 per cent. That is why educating customers also becomes the surging need along with employee training. This post discusses about utilizing the online medium for customer education.

Many organizations are using online learning to support customers and other stakeholders. IT corporations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sun Micro systems and many others showed the way of educating customers to e-commerce companies and other corporate firms. As organizations bet big on engaging customers, it’s vital to know, how to exploit the online medium for that.

1. E-learning courses

Online courses are apt to educate customers, because they can access them at their convenient time and place. Giant IT Corporations CISCO and Hill-Rom, a leading provider of medical technologies keeps web-based technical training programs accessible to their customers all the time.

2. Webinars

Webinars not only enable organizations reach out to prospective clients, but also play a key role to engaging existing customers throughout the world. And, webinars do that in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Webinars also help explain the usage of newly launched products. When customers cannot catch the live webinar, the record option is there to make it available on-demand. Q&A sessions and group coaching through webinars establishes a good rapport between the organization and customers.

3. Video Demos, Trailers & Process videos

Videos are best suited to explain product functioning. After the purchase, customers may get doubts in the usage of products. Video demos come in very handy to these customers when company executives cannot provide live demonstrations of the products.

Product trailers on the company website or on YouTube are also ideal to educate customers more about the products. Unlocking phones and the process of troubleshooting technical products have become popular YouTube videos. Home appliances company Whirlpool uploaded a self-help tips video to educate their customers on oven usage in baking and browning.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are handy tools to engage customers. They can be used to provide tips about using the existing products. Being connected through mobile apps, companies can notify customers about product upgrades and new versions. These also provide technical support. For example, mobile apps of telecommunication service providers work for customer engagement. These will update the customers on data usage, call charges, existing plan and other details, time to time.

5. Forums & Social Media

Building an online community will be useful to more effectively interact and engage with your customers. Forums are widely used to engage with customers and help them engage with one another. However, companies are now finding it feasible to connect with customers on various social networks. This is like coming to where people are there, instead of inviting them to company websites. Google+ Communities, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn Groups are some of the many social networking sites that are helpful for customer engagement.

6. E-Newsletters & RSS Feeds

E-Newsletters and RSS feeds are useful to update customers about the innovations and upgrades in the existing version. These are perfect ways to keep tabs on the customers and post regular updates on new product offerings, industry scenarios, events, webinars, etc. These will act as a value addition to the customers.

These are six ways organizations can harness the power of the online medium to educate and engage their customers. Customer engagement will add value to the products and services. This in turn retains customers and scales up business growth.

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