Various Ways of Using Videos in E-learning Courses

Various Ways of Using Videos in E-learning Courses

Various Ways of Using Videos in E-learning Courses

It’s well-known that videos are very much the medium of the moment. Videos are informative and focus on visually enhancing the content. Even in eLearning, videos are key tools and used extensively to share information and capture the learner’s interest. Videos are flexible and play on all devices such as tablets and smart-phones.

In this post, we will look at the various forms of using videos used in online courses.

Orientation: We love to look at and listen to people who provide us useful information. For example, we can begin the course with a message from the CEO or a high-ranking manager of the orgnizaion. This would be a good way to explain the company’s vision and mission to the new employees.


Physical demonstration: Sometimes, it is difficult to explain how the equipment works in a class room or a workshop; in such cases, a simple video of an expert showing how the product or equipment works would be a better choice. An eLearning course with such videos would be of immense value not only to the sales team but also to all the stakeholders such as customers, dealers, etc.

Physical demonstration

Software simulation: Using videos of how a software works provides learners an opportunity to understand the details of the software and helps them use it effectivelyin real time. This gives them the confidence to operate the software efficiently. Adobe Captivate is the ideal tool to “capture screens” and produce videos.

Software simulation

Videos can also be used as testimonials, welcome messages and in many other ways. However always remember to keep your videos short and crisp.

These are some ways of using videos in eLearning courses. If you have other creative ways of using them, do share.

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