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Effective Voice-over in E-learning (Part 4) – An Infographic

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In my previous posts, we have seen when text-to-speech software can be used effectively to narrate your online course. We have also seen the pros and cons of using your staff for narration. We also examined when professional narrators need to be used.

In this infographic, we will see the factors that you need to consider when you make a choice about recording the narration of your digital course in a studio. Recording in a studio certainly helps produce narration of the highest quality, but can be expensive. Let us see more on when recording in a studio would be useful.

Effective Voice-over in E-learning (Part 4) - An Infographic

Thus, we see that recording your narration in a studio is not always needed though it yields the voice-over of the highest quality. In my next infographic, we will analyze the need to narrate all the words on the screen of an online course. Hope you find this post useful.

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