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Effective Voice Over in eLearning (Part 2) – An Infographic

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In my previous infographic, we have seen when narration by ‘text-to-speech’ software works best. We have also seen that human narrators are used by several organizations to provide voice-over to their digital courses.

You can use your employees to provide voice-over to your eLearning courses. However, you need to remember that these “home-grown narrators” are not professionally trained. Let us now see when narration by your internal staff members can be effective.

Effective Voice Over in eLearning (Part 2) – An Info Graphic

So, we see that using people from your organization may not be ideal in all cases. In my coming blog posts, we will see more about using professionals for narrating online courses and the pros and cons of recording your narration in a studio. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of narrating each word on the screen. Stay tuned.

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