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5 Step process to Visualize Your eLearning Content – An Infographic

Do you often receive complaints from your learners that your online courses are boring? How can you make a highly engaging course? What are the aspects you need to consider to make a first-rate online course that enthralls your learners? Well, you need to visualize your learning content effectively to create a top-notch online course.

Visualization, in eLearning, plays a key role in engaging your learners. An instructional designer should determine the visual strategy to present the content, after deciding on an instructional design strategy. A good visual strategy not only enhances the look and feel of the course but also represents the content effectively and helps learners retain knowledge for a long time. Content can be presented in the form of diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations, drawings, photographs or graphics.

There are certain guidelines to visualize each content type. Below is an infographic that provides information on the 5 step process of visualization and helps create highly engaging online courses and deliver excellent learning experiences.

5 Step process to Visualize Your eLearning Content - Infographics

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