How Important is Visual Communication of E-learning Objectives?

How Important is Visual Communication of E-learning Objectives?

How Important is Visual Communication of E-learning Objectives?

E-learning today is being widely used for training adults. We are all aware of the fact that adults need to know why they should undergo training and what will they benefit by it. To fulfill this basic requirement of the adult learners, it has always been recommended that we frame measurable learning objectives.

But most of us have almost made it a tradition of displaying the learning objectives as a series of bullets. They may be the perfect measurable objectives with performance, condition, and criteria included, but visually they are not as interesting and engaging and they should be. The screenshot given below shows a similar example.

Learning Ojectives

There may be nothing wrong with writing the learning objectives in such a way. However, by this way of displaying the learning objectives, we are not communicating to the learner effectively of how important the topic is for him or her because he or she is not aware of the critical nature of the topic being discussed. The objectives list is not visually interesting or engaging. So, the learners may skip the slide without even reading the learning objectives. To ensure that the learner is engaged in the course right from the very beginning, you must display the learning objectives in visually engaging ways rather than displaying them as bland bulleted lists.

So, how can you make the display of objectives interesting? How can you communicate the importance of the topic? Most importantly, how will you communicate the need for the learner to undergo this training?

One of the best ways of displaying learning objectives is by adding a meaningful and an emotional touch to them. Let the learners know how important the training is to them. Let us take the above learning objectives of the Ebola e-learning as an example and see how we can add a meaningful and emotional touch to them.

We know how deadly the Ebola virus is and how dreadful it can be if it is not prevented from spreading. So, the e-learning course should also show the same seriousness right from the beginning to establish an emotional connection with the learner. For better understanding, you can see the demo given below.

Fight eBola

Click the image to view the demo.

Similarly, you can display learning objectives by adding appealing visual displays that emotionally connect with the learner. It may not be a similar visualization for every topic; it will differ with the type of content, visual strategy, and the importance of the subject.

Hope you find this post informative. Try to think and replace your bulleted learning objectives with something that creates a meaningful and emotional contact with the learner. If you have any such ideas, please share them with us through your comments.

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