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VideoScribe for Adding Life to E-learning

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VideoScribe for Adding Life to E-learning

With great advances in technology, it is a known fact that videos are a powerful tool in e-learning, especially in the corporate world. To grab the learner’s attention, you need to create a video or an animation that illustrates a concept or an idea in an innovative and expressive manner. In order to enhance the look and feel of your e-learning course, here is the solution – VideoScribe. VideoScribe takes storytelling to the next level by making it more creative, engaging, and visual. It is the first web program to enable simple self-made scribe videos, especially in the field of e-learning. The hidden elements for creating awesome animations with VideoScribe are listed below.

Provides suitable refreshers for text-heavy content

Illustrations are the most sophisticated and powerful forms of visual communication. VideoScribe provides the best suitable refreshers for text-heavy content, for example, as in Compliance Training to educate the learner on laws, regulations, and company policies, and so on. These scribes will help to reduce the learner’s effort by creating an intrigue toward the course.

Here is a sample VideoScribe on “Critical Period Hypothesis,” which provides you with an overview on how to provide suitable refreshers for text-heavy content.

Provides suitable refreshers for text-heavy content

Complex processes can be broken down and illustrated

You can teach complex processes easily using VideoScribe; your potential learners get a better grasp of your process, product, and so on. Some concepts or processes can be successfully expressed only with some visual aids. With the VideoScribe animations, illustrations combined with audio convey the required concepts to learners.

Here is a sample VideoScribe course that our developers designed to make a course more engaging and interesting such that the learner can easily grasp the content.

Complex processes can be broken down and illustrated

Aids in differentiating the course from the normal variety

A short scribe at the beginning of the course will instill the learner’s curiosity in pursuing the course and the learner tries to know more about it, which helps in distinguishing your course from the run-of-the-mill variety.

Let’s now see a sample Scribe animation.

Aids in differentiating the course from the normal variety

Fulfills the needs of modern corporate learners

Being short and crisp animations, the VideoScribe videos or animations align to the needs of modern learners, because today these are the tools of technology-aided learning delivery creating the most impact on the learners. These scribe animations can help effectively in creating highly effective software training solutions to improve the efficiency and to provide hands-on training.

For teaching product demonstrations

To explain how a new product or service works is typically a challenging and a time-consuming task. With the use of VideoScribe videos, you will be saving yourself and your audience a lot of time. Whiteboard animations or VideoScribe serves as the best option to attract your learners toward your product. You can demonstrate or show a depiction of the usage of your product using these animations. This in turn enables the prospects to think about how to relate your product into their own workflow.

Develops audience capacity to retain information

A study by Wharton Research Center concludes that whiteboard animations should be a part of every training. This technique improves the retention levels of the audience to spread the word to others.

Here is a sample VideoScribe on “Fire Safety,” which gives you an overview on how these animations would really develop the audience retention level.

Develops audience capacity to retain information

Now let’s see an example of how the above points are conveyed through VideoScribe.

White board of all the things:

Develops audience capacity to retain information

A better scribe can be combined with authoring tools like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate that supports video content.

Hopefully, we’ll never see a day where we put the text altogether as something static. But in fact, the world is so filled with visual imageries that our technology gives us a path to reflect our creations and ideas visually. We are now living at a time when learners will expect us to show instead of tell.

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