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Benefits of Videos in E-learning – An Infographic

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Videos are more effective than regular text. They reinforce and emphasize the key points.

When compared to text, we remember images better; hence, using videos is a good strategy in eLearning to strengthen visual content. Videos in eLearning can be beneficial in the following ways:

Benefits of Videos in E-learning - An Infographic

Videos keep the learner interested and it is also easy to remember and recall all values learned. Videos are interactive in nature and bring a new level of personalization. They make the learner feel connected to the course. Videos are unique because they can be easily translated to different languages. Videos are an vital tool in eLearning. To enhance the online learning process, there are several ways in which videos can be used in eLearning. For example, you can show processes, welcome messages and testimonials and so on as video clippings.

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