How to Use Videos for Various Trainings

How to Use Videos for Various Trainings

How to Use Videos for Various Trainings

In an era when information is power and engagement is the key, the usual interactive courses will no longer be interesting. There are many ways to make your eLearning courses more engaging and using videos is one of them. There are 1 billion active users on YouTube, and around 300 hours of videos get uploaded onto YouTube every minute. The top searches include both entertainment and educational content. Let’s see how videos can help in learning.

Videos for Training

Videos are informative and focus on visually enriching the content. They stimulate learners’ attention and motivate them to focus on the content better. Video is a unique way of communicating huge information in a short time.

They are easy to produce and can be reused. So why not use them to train your employees? However one point that you must remember is, there will be many types of information that the company wants to transfer to its employees, but videos may not suit all those needs. So how do we decide where to use videos? In this blog, I would like to share where videos can be used to meet training demands. 

Product Training

Constant innovations and upgrades to products add up to the details that sales employees must learn. Each and every product is unique in terms of its features and usage. It is too difficult for the sales team to remember all these, unless you show them. Videos are of great value to demonstrate the working of a product.

They can be used to train employees on the features of products, functionality and handling instructions that are to be followed while using them and how the features differ from those of competitors. These videos can also be shared with customers, dealers and other resellers.

Induction Training

One way to bring life to your induction training is by adding short videos of the CEO or top management addressing the new comers. You can also think of interviewing the existing employees on their experiences and insights about the career path. This is a great way of introducing the organization’s culture to the new hires.

A well designed video library with company tours or information about the products and services, processes, etc. can be the best way of orientation.

Process Training

Organizations usually keep refining or changing their processes to become more and more efficient. These processes involve a series of stages or events and can be difficult for the employees to learn and remember.

Processes can be visually demonstrated stage by stage or step by step using images and animations. These animations can be converted into video formats. Videos improve retention and are ideal when it comes to procedural content.

Software Training

Software training is intended to make learners comfortable with the newly introduced tools. If employees are not shown how to work on the system, they will not be able to use it to the maximum. Video-based learning makes it easy for learners to understand the ‘how to’ or functionality of the software.

Each step of using the software can be captured and converted into a video. This video with narration will provide hands-on learning and give confidence to the employees so that they apply the learning in real time environment. 

Safety or Compliance Training

Safety training usually deals with the dos and don’ts, for example, how the employee must avoid slips, trips or falls, or how to ensure safety while riding. This message will not be conveyed if you just say it in words. Instead, if you can show employees what and how to avoid, or what do if they face such situations, they will get connected quickly and learn.

Videos can be used to demonstrate a specific task or how-to do and how not to do in a given situation. This increases learning and learners will be able to remember for a longer time.

Videos can be used to offer memorable learning experiences even if the content is complex. These are some of my insights. Did you use videos in your training courses anytime? Do share your experiences.

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