Benefits of Using Engaging Videos for Training

Benefits of Using Engaging Videos for Training

Benefits of Using Engaging Videos for Training

Videos are great tools and an effective medium of training at the moment. Videos are informative and focus on visually enhancing the content to make it more interesting. The flexibility of videos makes it possible to be played on all devices like the Smart phones, tablets and so on. Videos combine audio, video and text and provide a greater engagement to the learners. Hence, they are increasingly being considered for corporate training purposes.

Here are a couple of the most compelling video statistics from Invodo’s report that states:

  • 33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video each day on their device.
  • 93% marketers use videos to promote their online marketing and sales.
  • 74% of internet traffic in the year 2017 will be video based.

Let’s take a quick look at the different forms of using videos in online courses:

Videos may be used for orientations by people of higher ranks within the company like the CEO, the senior managers and so on. This is an effective way to retain information longer.

Videos can be used for product demonstrations, say for example in a workshop. In this case a video very well demonstrates the working of equipment or a product. E-learning courses with such videos add immense value to the sales force, customers, stakeholders, dealers and so on.

Videos may be used for software simulations, to demonstrate the working of software which helps the learners to use it real time with efficacy. Adobe Captivate is the ideal tool to capture screens and produce videos.

Videos may be also used as, welcome messages, testimonials, for induction training, and so on. Using videos depends upon various factors such as cost, time, and training content.


The benefits of using short, engaging videos for training is listed below:

  • Videos are cost effective and time saving. One may go through the video rather than reading the entire content.
  • It proves to be more effective and efficient as it uses diverse media such as audio clips, graphics, animations, computer applications and so on.
  • They help learn more in less time as the time spent in training is less and retention is more.
  • Video content is very compelling because it engages the learners to participate in training.
  • Videos address boredom wherein the learners become more enthusiastic and willing to learn.
  • It increases the learner interaction and engagement and also improve the productivity of the organization.
  • They are accessible on multiple devices and as a result the learner can view the video anytime, anywhere as per his convenience

Thus, videos enhance learner-participation and improve their job performance. It is therefore a good idea to include videos in the training curriculum to achieve better results faster.

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