Videos to Jazz up Your Product Training for Sales Teams

Videos to Jazz up Your Product Training for Sales Teams

Video-based learning is a widely accepted medium that’s gaining momentum in the world of eLearning. Why is it trending? Videos are short, crisp, and engaging; enhancing the way people learn. Video-based approach can be the ideal way to deal with the training challenges sales representatives constantly face:

  • Inability to spend extended time on training
  • Not having access to a desktop or laptop always
  • Low retention of training

According to Forrester research, 75% employees are more likely to watch a video rather than open a document or a mail. So, why not leverage the capability of videos to make product training for sales teams more effective? Read this post to know how video-based learning for training your sales teams makes more business sense!

Explain How a Product Works and its Benefits

Videos come to the rescue when the functions of a product are complex, and it cannot be demonstrated in the classroom. In such cases, videos can be used to demonstrate how the product works, to give a real-life working experience to the learner. This ensures that there is no limitation on the number of sales staff to be educated and trained on a particular product as training is not restricted to a training room or a shop floor.

Also, videos can be used to teach the common dos and don’ts while handling a product by showing the consequences of what can happen if the product is handled incorrectly. Furthermore, the benefits of a product can be highlighted in videos to equip the sales staff to sell the product better.

Share Product News and Recent Features as the Product Upgrades

When an organization adds new features to a product to upgrade the existing one, the sales staff has to be made aware of the latest functions instantly. This can be done by creating a short video that explains the newly added features to the product. Creating a video is less time consuming than training an instructor about the features and then arranging for classroom training sessions for the sales staff.

Visually rich videos can be developed using GoAnimate, Videoscribe, and Adobe Premier, or they can be shot using a mobile phone or a tablet. Also, updates about market trends and changes can be shared through short videos that are easy to absorb and retain.

Foster Team Cohesion with Synchronous and Asynchronous Video Sharing

Apart from effective training content, a good sales training program should also generate a sense of satisfaction, teamwork, and camaraderie. This happens when the trainer is an experienced mentor guiding his sales team or a team member helping his colleague. But, when the workforce is distributed, this type of team building suffers immensely. Although using synchronous video communication such as Skype and webinars is filling in the gap of emails and phone calls, they can be distracting sometimes.

For training sales staff who are constantly on the move, using asynchronous video sharing will allow them to experience and view talks by senior reps, product experts, or success stories of peers at their own pace. For instance, when a sales representative is unable to attend a session with a mentor, the video recording can be viewed by him later in order to be on the same page as others.

Reduce Cost by Recording Sales Meetings

When successful senior sales representatives communicate with clients, the way they handle their queries, ask questions, offer solutions, and pitch in for the product can be recorded and presented as videos to the junior sales staff, which reduces the cost of training to a great extent. Instead of an instructor teaching how to go about a sales call in a classroom, employees can witness an actual situation demonstrating how they should handle such situations and communicate well with clients.

These videos can be shared online for them to access on-demand. Also, videos can be recorded of classroom sessions where senior representatives can roleplay to demonstrate how to handle client meetings and later share them among the sales staff.

Use Microlearning Videos for Just-in-Time Performance Support

Using microlearning videos can be really helpful for employees with dwindling attention spans. Watching a short video to learn about a product can be an easy option than reading a document. Microlearning videos are short and to the point, and can be accessed by employees whenever and wherever they need to perform a task. Sales staff can watch a microlearning video to quickly review the product features or benefits before they brief a client about the same. Needless to say, it enables them to perform well at their job.

Summarize ILT Sessions to Refresh and Reinforce

A sales representative might not be able to remember all that was taught in the instructor-led classroom after some point of time. Hence, in order to revise what was taught in the training earlier, videos can be created to provide a summary of the course. The sales staff can watch it to refresh their memory about the sales training whenever needed.

Video-based learning sure has a lot of advantages for sales training in comparison with other methods. It is easy to create them within short time and limited budget. So, what is the wait for? Use videos to impart effective training to your sales team from today!

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