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3 Types of Videos for Enhancing your E-learning Courses

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3 Types of Videos for Enhancing your E-learning Courses

Do you know how to deliver training through videos? Are you thinking about cost effective solutions to develop videos? Come with me. I have a solution for you.

A video can be more interesting and engaging to the learner rather than reading the content. There are various ways to develop videos for training your staff. Here, I would like to share information about three types of videos that help you to impart effective training at low cost.

Option 1 – Video with Narration

Option 2 -Video with Subtitles and Narration

Option 3 -Video with Subtitles and Music

Option 1 – Video with Narration:

We can develop videos with narration. They ensure the learner understands the concept by seeing the video and listening to the narration. We can sync the narration with the onscreen text and images.

Here is an example of video with narration.

Option 2- Video with Subtitles and Narration:

In this type of video, we can show the subtitles on the screen along with the narration. One of the cost effective solutions using subtitles is that we can develop video with audio in English and subtitles in other languages. Here, there is no need to record the audio in multiple languages.

Here is an example of a video with subtitles and narration.

Option 3- Video with Subtitles and Music:

We can develop the video with subtitles and music in the background. Music will give a pleasant feeling to the learner. This type of video will be useful , where the onscreen part is important and learners will understand the concept with the help of subtitles.

Here is an example of a video with subtitles and music.

We have been developed the videos into multiple languages with subtitles and narration.

Multiple Languages

There are still many other ways to develop videos. But these are the ones that we have developed for various customers. I hope you found this blog informative. Do share your views.

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