Videos for L&D Managers – A Salesperson’s Wish List [Video]

Videos for L&D Managers - A Salesperson’s Wish List [Video]

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes. – Peter Drucker

It is well-known that imparting effective training to sales people goes a long way in enhancing revenues. Well-designed sales training programs help sales personnel face customers confidently and overcome the challenges posed by a dynamic, fiercely competitive business world.

But, how can you build a good sales training program? Well, you need to consider the following two major learning needs of sales personnel.

  1. Most sales personnel travel extensively. So, it is important to enable them to access to the latest industry updates and news about competitors anytime, anywhere.
  2. Sales people find it very useful to have information about products at their fingertips as it helps them explain their benefits in a convincing manner.

Check out this interesting video to know more about creating a highly effective sales program.

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