Video-based Neurolearning for Effective Product Sales Training

Video-based Neurolearning for Effective Product Sales Training

Video-based Neurolearning for Effective Product Sales Training

Effective product sales training is very essential to maximize productivity by increasing sales and reducing costs, but being a product training manager, you may not know which training method is the ideal option to train your sales force. Today’s sales people have very short attention spans due to their hectic schedules.

In fact, a study by Microsoft showed that the attention span of most Gen-Y learners is 8 seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish. How can you increase learners’ attention span? Well, video-based neurolearning will help you improve the attention span of your sales force by reducing the cognitive load.

Wondering what this video-based neurolearning is? Read on.

Video-based Neurolearning is a learning methodology that makes learning more effective and engaging. It creates a deeper neural connection with the content and improves the attention span of learners.

Have you ever thought how movies grab our attention and we tend to remember the story for a long time? This is because, movies engaging, effective, and handle complex subjects well.

When we receive information in the form of movies, our brains process the data quickly and store for later recall. That’s why we easily remember every characters’ name, the entire plot, and even some dialogues from the script. Movies are easier for our brains to consume and create a deeper neural connection with the content. That’s why we are actively engaged with the content.

This is why video-based Neurolearning is the best way to demonstrate to the sales people how products work, how they are to be handled, and explain the features and benefits.

For product sales training, video-based neurolearning acts as a perfect fit as it grabs product sales force’s attention visually and emotionally and keeps them engaged throughout the course.

Here, I would like to share a few attention-grabbing tips to impart effective training to your product sales force.

Keep videos short and to the point

It is a well-known fact that the attention span of learners is decreasing by the day and sales people can’t spare much time on training. So, ensure your product sales training videos are not lengthy (max 5 minutes).Keep them short and focused on one learning objective so your sales people don’t switch off mentally.

Make videos interactive and engaging

If you want to consider a longer video (> 5 minutes),make it more interactive and engaging to keep your sales people focused on the concept.

It is advisable to pause the video and pose questions. This will compel your sales people to think of what they’ve learned so far, process the information and take decisions.

If the video is used in a classroom session, learners can have a discussion on the question. In a virtual classroom setup with Interactive Whiteboards and Clickers (Audience Response System), videos can contain poll questions are answered by participants through the Clickers, the results displayed on the Whiteboard and can lead to further discussions.

Such activity will keep your sales people focused on the learning points you want to emphasize.

Incorporate rich visual animations

Use rich visual animations to explain the features of a product as they grab the sales force’s attention and enable them to retain the information for a longer period of time.

It is a commonly known fact that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of the information submitted to the brain is visual.

Follow up with a summary

It is recommended to give a brief summary of the key points covered at the end of the video. This will help avoid any key learning points falling through the net and reinforce learning.

Follow up with a summary

Thus, incorporate video-based neurolearning to help your product sales people to sell your products effectively by having comprehensive knowledge.

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