4 Tips to Train New Hire Sales Reps Using Video-based Learning

4 Tips to Train New Hire Sales Reps Using Video-based Learning

4 Tips to Train New Hire Sales Reps Using Video-based Learning

Modern organizations have found traditional sales onboarding NOT very effective and have started leveraging videos. Video provides the following benefits, to name a few:

  • Cuts down travel costs since videos can be accessed anywhere, using a mobile
  • Decreases the amount spent on expensive classroom training and on-site training
  • Improves the retention and absorption of relevant information
  • Offers reinforcement and learning on the go

In this blog, you will learn a few tips on training your new hire sales reps using video-based learning.

Tip 1: Capture, create, and share engaging content

We have a lot of tools to make content visually rich and very engaging. Select the tool which meets your requirement – several tools such as GoAnimate, VideoScribe, Prezi, Animoto, MAgistro, Sellamations and more are available in the market. Using these tools, you can create highly engaging videos in less time.

Tip 2: Embed proven strategies used by successful sales reps

One of the major mistakes sales people commit is trying to get to the grassroots and performing every step themselves, to get to the solution. This is a time-consuming process, and when they fall short, it incurs a loss to the organization. It is always recommended to follow strategies proven to be successful and used by legends in sales. So add videos covering the success stories of senior reps and also videos of trainers explaining the proven strategies that come handy to a new sales rep.

Tip 3: Structure videos and content properly

Structure and sequence video content appropriately. Leverage videos, quizzes, role-plays and flash drills where they fit properly. Video > related scenarios and role-play > related quiz will be helpful; but giving all the scenarios in a path, videos in another path, and quizzes in some other path will make it tiring and irritating for sales reps to navigate and search for the topic they want to learn.

Tip 4: Embed practice activities and assessments

Learning is NOT complete without practice. Perfect practice makes you perfect. So ensure effective practice activities are embedded within a video. Yet, just adding practice activities is not enough. Managers need to assess sales reps to know where the reps fall short and provide necessary support.

Mobile-based videos are a very economical and effective way of training new sales reps. They allow reps to take up the course on the go, whenever and wherever they need.

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