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How Video-Based Learning Empowers Your Sales Force

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How Video-Based Learning Empowers Your Sales Force

Customers today are better informed than before. With information on products and services just a click away, everyone has access to product reviews and customer feedback on websites. So how can you train your sales representatives to be a step ahead of the new age consumer? Most organizations today are focusing their product sales training on just-in-time learning. However, organizations fail to optimize a key element in their just-in-time sales training. Any guesses?

It’s the versatile VIDEO.

Videos are a powerful weapon against the informed customer; think about it, customers are highly tech savvy and constantly online, watching YouTube or Vines. So why not use videos to enhance your online sales training program? Here’s why you should include videos to empower your sales force.

Ideal for On-The-Move Learning

Videos are great assets when it comes to on-the-move learning, videos are easily accessible to sales representatives anywhere, anytime. You can host the videos on the company intranet, or LMS, or better yet, you can set up your own YouTube channel for your product demo videos or new feature videos to make them more accessible to your learners.  Your sales representatives won’t think twice before watching a video as they are short and engaging and have proven to have a higher retention rate.

Ideal for On The Move Learning

Suitable for Multiple Subjects

Videos aren’t restricted only to the ‘how to’ aspect of training. The specialty of videos is their versatility. For instance, in sales itself, you can have videos on topics ranging from the technical features of a product to product add-ons. Also, you can cover topics such as how to handle customer objections, negotiate, and close a sale. Videos can include anything and everything from selling techniques all the way to soft skills.

Suitable for Multiple Subjects

Cost-effective to Create

Videos are quite cost-effective to create, you don’t have to follow all the strict guidelines that filmmakers follow, nor do you need expensive equipment. You can use several options
to create videos. The best thing about videos is, you can shoot them on your mobile, SLR, vlogging camera, and even your Gopro camera. It doesn’t take much and hence makes them ideal for sales training if you’re on a tight budget.

Cost Effective to Create

Increases your Bottom Line

The most important reason organizations opt for video-based training is the return on investment they offer. Using videos, you can train your sales force on every detail about the product, pricing, and post purchase support.  Using videos, you can show your reps how everything really works.

Increases your Bottom Line

Video-based learning is here to stay and has emerged as the front runner in training sales representatives to be better informed than the new age customer. Sales training managers can take advantage of this trend to enhance skillsets and empower their sales force. If you have any questions on training your sales force with videos, please leave a comment below to talk more!

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