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Video-based Learning: An Effective Tool for Sales Training

As part of their job, sales representatives use their skills to convince customers to buy their products. Like any other skill, sales reps acquire this skill through years of experience and continuous sales training. But, when it comes to sales training, there are certain challenges that have to be focused on. For example, sales reps are always bound with tight schedules and cannot take much time out for the training. And even if they manage to take the training, the other challenge that arises here is with the retention of training.

The ideal solution to overcome these challenges is to use video-based learning. According to a survey by Corporate Visions, 99% of sales teams are using videos to train their sale force. This is because, even in the tight schedule a sales rep has, he can simply go through a short video when he is waiting for the customer or travelling. Video-based learning also turns out to be helpful to the sales reps whose attention span is less. These videos keep them engaged and transfer knowledge in a very short time.

As part of sales training, we can use video-based learning to:

Inspire with Success Stories:

Inspire and motivate junior sales reps by sharing the success stories of a senior sales rep. A video can be recorded where a senior sales rep gives some tips on dealing with complicated customers. Or he can simply share his experiences by telling what kept him motivated or what has he done to succeed and so on. These videos can be simple, lasting just 2-3 min, sharing one problem and one solution per video. Moreover, you can have a library of the all the success stories videos, which can be played in sales meetings to inspire the sales reps. This is a great way to boost the confidence of a junior sales rep.

Inspire with Success Stories

Explain how a Product Works:

It is very difficult to show the working of complex products in classroom training. In such cases, we can create a video that demonstrates how the product works to give a live working experience to the learner. Also, the common dos and don’ts of using the product can be taught in the video, by showing the consequences when the product is handled incorrectly. Here are a few videos developed by Lenovo for its service technicians. They are wonderful examples of how videos can be used to train service technicians on different features of the products.

Explain how a Product Works

Explain New Features:

If the organization upgrades a product by adding new features to the existing one, sales reps have to be made aware of these features instantly. This is possible by video-based learning. A small video can be created that explains the new features added to the product. Creating videos take comparatively less time than training an instructor on the new features and arranging for a classroom training session. Videos are easy to create, you can develop visually rich videos using Flash or Adobe Premier or you can use your Smartphone or tablet to shoot a video.

Explain New Features

Summarize Learning:

A sales rep may not remember everything he has learned in the classroom after a few days. So to revise what he has learnt earlier, we can create videos that provide a summary of them. A sales rep can watch these summarized videos whenever he needs.

Summarize Learning

Video-based learning brings a lot of advantages to sales training. They can be created in a short time with limited budget. So, use video-based learning today to enhance the skill set of your sales reps.

How do you use videos? We would like to know.

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