Vector Images to CRAFT an Engrossing E-learning Course

Vector Images to CRAFT a Engrossing e-Learning Course

Vector Images to CRAFT a Engrossing e-Learning Course

As an instructional designer, I look for ways to make my courses interesting and enhance their value. One day, while I was going through a course on “harassment” and found vector images used very effectively all over the course, that grabbed my attention. Then, I realized that vector images are as effective as real images. According to webopedia, vector images refer to hardware and software that use geometrical formulas to represent images. Let me share with you how vector images can help make your courses better.


Vector images are unique and diverse, and you can find them in different gestures and postures that will enhance your screen. Every slide of yours can be self explanatory, as you can find the apt image for your content. You can use a set of images or find plenty of varieties that are unique.



Vector images have the ability to make a boring course engaging. Though your subject is boring and pedantic, using relevant image with a suitable background can grab the attention of your learner.



Communication does not mean only a conversation between two people.It can be a transmission of data/information through any medium. In eLearning, images are frequently used to convey information. For example, you have to develop a course for new joinees, use a vector image of a person or avatar who represent the manager and will narrate the course, that will give a deep sense as if the manager is training the joinees. Which seems like he is directly communicating to the learner taking the course.



It is common knowledge that eLearning is a self-paced learning format. Unlike classroom training sessions, eLearning courses are instructor independent. But, a vector avatar can be a substitute for a tutor. Avatars are appealing and keep your learners engaged throughout the course. Avatars not only guide your learners through the course, but also teach him in a simple fashion.



The vector images project an outstanding attire, and they are unique. Using vector images gives a continuous existence of an attractive and effective course throughout. Your effort to design a course is not all about presenting the content or dumping content into interactive clicks which make no sense. You need to ensure that each slide of your online course helps the learner gain knowledge and retain it. It makes the course outstanding, unlike other “normal” courses.



Every learner, before starting a course, would always like to visit a course that is not boring. Vector images can make the learner feel freshening as he begins the course. The eye-catching backgrounds add color to the course and make every move of the learner fascinating and never make him feel that he is being taken through a boring subject.


Hope you find this post interesting. How do you use vector images? We’d love to know.

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