Celebrating Valentine’s Day with E-learning

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with E-learning

Celebrating Valentine's Day with E-learning

Valentine’s Day – the festival of love and affection. The story of St. Valentine proves that the true strength of a person is his character. His heroic struggle against tyranny and oppression inspired generations of people and immortalized him in their hearts.

We, the members of the online training fraternity, can be very proud that eLearning helps realize some of the ideals of this legendary personality. Let us see how.

E-learning treats all learners alike

Claudius discriminated people on the basis of their faith, and this was resented by Valentine. The latter believed that all humans were equal and everyone in the Roman Empire had equal rights. The online learning medium too is based on the principle of equality – an eLearning course delivers the same training to all, irrespective of their caste, creed, race and nationality.

Relationship between the eternal corporate lovers – training and productivity is made stronger

The story of Valentine is incomplete without Julia, his lover. Similarly, training becomes meaningless without increase in the levels of productivity. E-learning, by helping organizations impart first-rate training to improve the performance their staff, helps cement the bond between training and productivity.

Training can be fun-filled and delivered in a joyous environment

Our protagonist’s fight against his emperor symbolizes the wishes of thousands of men- men who were deprived of their happiness, the elixir of life. Valentine would have loved today’s learning technology, which can be used to develop gamified online courses that help equip people with the needed knowledge and skills in a lively, stress-free environment.

Online courses help people chalk their own learning paths

Valentine opposed people being drafted forcibly into the military because he believed that it violated the freedom of an individual – to live the way he wants. E-learning too champions the rights of the individual, by breaking the shackles of time and place and allowing him to learn whenever he wants. The online learner is the master of his learning.

Thus, eLearning is based on the values which were cherished by this legendary personality. I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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