Importance of Using Simulations in Software Training

Importance of Using Simulations in Software Training

As increasing number of organizations compete for dominance of the market, the need for effective and efficient business processes is gaining importance. This has given rise to the adoption of latest software applications, whose development reflects the cutting-edge developments in the information technology sector.These developments play a major role in helping companies optimize costs and streamline their processes.

Importance of Software Training

A software application, which is implemented in a proper manner, can result in many benefits to an organization. But, if the implementation goes wrong, the organization could lose considerable time and money. This can also lead to increase in the number of errors, exacerbating the loss. To avoid such mistakes, effective training is necessary to equip employees with the needed knowledge and skills to handle the software and make the best use of it.

Simulations for Software Training

For imparting effective and engaging training on software applications, simulations can be used very effectively. These simulations mimic real-life situations, where learners are taken through the entire process and allowed to try it without the risk of failing. Feedback can be provided to learners at the end of the simulation.

Employees, who are usually on the move, need online training courses that are short and easy to understand. Instead of lengthy modules, it is better to divide the modules into ’learning nuggets’. Each nugget can focus on a single point. These can be divided, based on questions that are frequently asked by the employees.

For example, if your course is about a new software application and your need to explain about how to use the different parts of the software and its interface, you could use a learning nugget to provide answer to the question How do I change my password? And another to answer How do I adjust my privacy settings?

Developing Software Simulations through Rapid Authoring Tools

There are many tools, such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Adobe Flash, which are used to create software simulations. But among these tools, Adobe Captivate is the most widely used.

Adobe Captivate is used extensively, as it very easy to develop simulations in quick time using this rapid authoring tool. The best feature of this tool is that it can be used to record screens automatically without scripting. Captivate also enables easy editing of colors, fonts and text. This tool also has features that can be used to insert callouts and annotations automatically, based on the user’s actions. This tool can be used to develop guided software simulations.

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