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Using Interactivities to Teach Mathematical Calculations in E-learning

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Using Interactivities to Teach Mathematical Calculations in E-learning

When it comes to numerical problems, most of us fall into either of the two categories: we are fascinated by the mysterious ways numbers work to yield the final result or we get daunted by the prospect of working with those numbers.

In our schools and universities, we have teachers who work out the problems on the board or other physical media, step-by-step. It is very easy to interrupt them at any point and clarify our doubts, if any.

The same can also be done through eLearning. Well, the learners may not be actually able to stop and ask the teachers for clarification, but they will have the chance to view each step and know how to reach that step rather than just looking at the final calculation of each step.


You may wonder how this is possible. It is as simple as encapsulating each step into a stand-alone entity, which can be revealed on click by the user.


Let us consider teaching the calculation of simple interest in a financial basics course.

Formula: Simple Interest SI = (P*T*R)/100

Where P = Principal; T = Time period; R = Rate of interest

The Simple Interest given P =$1500; T = 3 years; R = 12% works out to be $540.

But just presenting the final result can be bewildering to learners, especially if they are new to the subject or belong to a non-financial background.

As a simple alternative, we can provide a tab                                   .

The pop-up can show the formula and the calculation.

This not only makes the calculation clear, it also reiterates the formula, which is a great way of reinforcing learning and engaging learners. Also, learners will be able to view the step whenever they face a doubt.

This approach will be really helpful in eLearning courses with complex or multi-step calculations.
Such simple techniques can be used to present calculations to learners in interesting, engaging ways. Go ahead, try them out and make eLearning a fruitful, pleasant experience for your learners.

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