4 Ways to Use Infographics in Your E-learning Course

4 Ways to Use Info-graphics in Your E-learning Course

4 Ways to Use Info-graphics in Your E-learning Course

When you browse a website, read a magazine or newspaper or glance at an advertisement, you will find that there is a strong presence of info-graphics everywhere. And, why not! Info-graphics are the most effective tools to convey the intended message with the least amount of text.

Similarly, in eLearning courses, using info-graphics is a great way to impart knowledge, especially for visual learners. However, don’t use an info-graphic in your course just for the sake of adding a highly visual element.

In this post, we will take a look at four different ways to make the best use of info-graphics in your course.

Timelines are very easy to explain, using an info-graphic. A timeline usually consists of a sequence of events that have taken place over a period of time. In eLearning courses, we mostly deal with timelines that display the evolution of a company. For example, the history and growth of a company are depicted in a chronological order. A timeline info-graphic can also be used for the history of a person or a sales report. Have a look at a timeline-based info-graphic.


Source: learndash.com

Versus Data is another arena where info-graphic can be used very effectively. Data that has comparison is usually very technical and filled with numbers or the dos and don’ts of a process. For example, to compare one product with another, you can present the information as an info-graphic, instead of having the information in a table format, for better retention. Take a look at versus info-graphic below.

Versus Data

Processes or procedures are hard to explain. So, it is better to break them into easy, digestible steps and present the information as an info-graphic. Processes and procedures are very technical in nature. For instance, the “Procure to pay” process or the procedure to register your name on a database can be explained easily using an info-graphic. Let’s have a look at an info-graphic which depicts a process.

Processes or procedures

Summarizing information in an eLearning course is usually done using a list of bullets with some audio. Making use of info-graphs to summarize your eLearning course is an excellent way to impart “last minute” knowledge to your learners. They facilitate effective recall and help the learner revise the entire course in a snapshot! Below is an example of an info-graphic used as a summary.


I hope you find this post useful. What are the other innovative ways to use info-graphics in eLearning courses? We would love to hear!

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