Just Right and Just-In-Time: Videos for Performance Support

Just Right and Just-In-Time: Videos for Performance Support

Just Right and Just-In-Time: Videos for Performance Support

With the propensity of today’s learners to Google anything they require an answer for, can online training be far behind? It is not. Just-in-time (JIT) training works on the same premise. Employees who are used to searching the Internet for an instant answer to their question or problems, expect the same thing from their training. They look for on-the-spot online resources, to tackle tough tasks or access learning that will refresh their memory at their ‘moment of need.’

Using videos to provide just-in-time support, a la YouTube videos is the solution, when learners are trying to find an answer to a problem or learn something new.

Videos for Performance Support

Videos are suited for just-in-time training because they can offer performance support in various training areas. Videos, as part of JIT training, can be used:

  • As a ‘how-to’ guide or for troubleshooting
  • To demonstrate a process in a sequential flow of steps
  • To show the execution of processes on ERP or software applications
  • To show the dos and don’ts of safety procedure drills
  • To explain and illustrate specific concepts
  • As reinforcement of knowledge, covered in previous courses

The one major advantage of videos is that they are mobile-friendly. They are available in many formats that are compatible with mobile devices. Being accessible on mobile phones makes them useful for a remote workforce, employees who have no access to desktops or laptops, those who work on shop floors, construction sites or hazardous areas and employees who rely on their mobile devices for work.

This ease of access allows employees to reach out for these videos, whenever they need them. This helps in getting across knowledge and reinforcement of what they have learned at their greatest point of need.

Training areas where you can use videos for JIT training:

  • Sales training
  • Process training
  • Product training
  • New hire training

Sales Training

In sales training, there is a constant need for the salesperson to have knowledge about the features of the product that will solve customer challenges, in order to sell to them. He should be able to convince customers and address their objections.

The features of the product and how they can overcome specific problems can be explained in short videos. The sales rep can access these on his mobile device. This will help him make a convincing pitch to the client. They are helpful to sales reps who can quickly brush up their knowledge before meeting a prospect.

Process Training

Videos can be helpful for training on complex processes as job-aids or performance support tools and on the other end of the spectrum explain simple processes without the need to hold formal training sessions or create a complex e-learning module.

Some processes can be complicated and involve numerous steps such as operating a machine, servicing equipment or even executing tasks in the software. Employees, who have to meticulously learn each step to do their job well, can watch these videos over and over again till they are confident about performing the process and even refer to them while on the job.

Product Training

Knowing thoroughly about the product is important, especially if the product is complex and includes several components and intricate operations. Videos about the features of the product, its working, precautions to be followed when using it, its assembly and repair procedures, etc. eliminate the need of hands-on training in a classroom. The working of complex products can be explained without the need for intensive training sessions.

These videos available on mobile devices will help learners access them at the point of need. Sales reps can show how a product works to customers without access to the actual product.

In addition, he should know the latest updates to the product so that he can convince the customer. The updates to the product can be included in brief videos.

These videos can be accessed by service technicians, for performance support when servicing complex machinery. The videos available at the point of need will help them to expertly handle such machinery.

New Hire Training

Organizations would like new hires to get to speed as soon as possible, so that they can integrate with the work process. JIT learning resources can reduce first day anxieties and bridge pre-existing gaps.

Videos about company policies, mission, value, organizational structure, leadership, compensation and benefits, and related topics can be provided to new hires on their first day or even before they join, so that they get a basic idea and can quickly settle down in their job roles.

Immersive videos highlighting case studies can help new hires learn about policies and procedures. New hires can access these videos whenever they need to so that they can move forward with confidence.

JIT training through videos can meet a number of training needs and training managers can use them effectively to achieve their objectives. They provide performance support crucial to help employees do their jobs well. The important point while designing these videos is to be aware of the training gaps that need to be filled and design these videos to meet these training needs.

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