Why Use E-Learning in Manufacturing? – Part 1

Why Use E-Learning in Manufacturing? - Part 1

Why Use E-Learning in Manufacturing? - Part 1

Rapid changes in technology have made the manufacturing industry a highly competitive one. Most importantly, people working in the manufacturing industry don’t have enough time away from the production area. Thus, employers have to implement a smart approach to help their employees learn more within the available time.

What are the training needs of manufacturing firms?

Organizations in the manufacturing sector need to train their personnel on:

  • Lean and Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Knowledge
  • Machinery Usage and Maintenance
  • Safety and Compliance 

How can eLearning help companies meet these training needs? 

1. Lean Manufacturing and Quality Management Training

A Lean manufacturing system drives value, flows smoothly, maximizes production and minimizes waste. Thus, training employees on lean principles is the topmost priority for a manufacturing company. The same thing follows for quality management. Maintaining superior quality standards is a must for any industry to survive in today’s competitive market.

E-learning can help employees through effective e-learning courses on Lean fundamentals and quality management. We can demonstrate the importance of these two vital elements using eLearning courses containing scenarios and case-studies. Thus, the learner gets a firsthand experience as to what can happen if these principles are not abided by.

2. Supply Chain Management Training

It is true that the success of a manufacturing firm depends largely on effective and efficient supply chain management. Supply chain management includes various activities including purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, customer service, demand planning and the overall management of all of these activities put together.

E-learning can be used to impart first-rate training on supply chain management. We can use various instructional elements such as avatars to explain the concepts in an interesting manner. We have used the avatar of an ant to take the learners through a supply chain management course very effectively.

3. Product Knowledge Training

Appropriate knowledge of the product is essential for sales teams to work efficiently. Good knowledge of products helps sales people to answer prospects’ queries well.

 Excellent product training can be imparted to the staff of manufacturing firms through eLearning. Interactive, bite-sized online courses containing relevant content, images and animations go a long way in equipping personnel with the required knowledge of products. Furthermore, you can use videos to demonstrate the working of a product.

Thus, we see that eLearning can easily supplement learning, and this technology- enabled learning helps the workforce learn with ease, and this is also beneficial as employees can learn without directly moving to the actual platform.

E-learning can also be used to train ‘manufacturing personnel’ on:

  • Machinery Usage and Maintenance
  • Safety and Compliance

We will discuss these in the coming posts and see how eLearning can help deliver training in these areas. So, stay tuned.

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