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3 Tips to Use Audio Efficiently in E-learning – An Infographic

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Proper use of audio is a very important aspect, which will go a long way in the development of an effective online course. It balances the on-screen content and delivers an effective learning experience. This info-graphic provides three tips to effectively use audio in any eLearning course.

3 Tips to Use Audio Efficiently in E-learning – An Infographic

Using audio to explain a visual is the first tip shown here. When an image is shown on screen, the cognitive load on the learners’ mind is reduced if there is supporting audio.  Learning is effective when you see as well as hear. The second tip is to use multiple narrators in the course. Having different voices or different narrators in the course, helps keep the learner engaged and breaks the monotony of the course.

Thirdly, using crisp and engaging audio in the course helps the learner understand the subject and facilitates easy learning.

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