3 Signs Its Time for Updating Existing E-learning Courses

3 Signs Its Time for Updating Existing E-learning Courses

3 Signs Its Time for Updating Existing E-learning Courses

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.- Gail Sheehy

We often are resistant to change, and we don’t like or realize that change itself is constant. The same may be the case with the eLearning courses. We might have created courses a few years ago, which now need to be updated.

But, how do we know when and why we need to update these courses?

Generally, when an eLearning course is created, the following points are kept in mind:

  • Why do we need to create this eLearning course?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How do we need to present the output?

Once all the parameters are met, the course is created and the learners are satisfied with the course. But, over a period of time the content of the course becomes outdated and needs to be updated keeping the current market trends.

Let’s look at a few pointers to know when the eLearning course needs an update:

1. Global change in the content: Whether we are talking about change in workplaces or change in our community or change in the Government rules, the relationship between the answers and our personal benefit is when individuals adopt the change. For example, when the management comes to know that a few serious and frequent kinds of risks on the code of conduct (COC) is affecting its employees, then the organization will begin to make changes in the COC document according to the new rules and regulations.

2. Improvements: The need to update the eLearning course is also because there are improvements in technology.The reason for updating is that technology is improving continuously and new concepts are being discovered constantly. For example, at CommLab India, we created a stress management course for an XYZ company a few years back. Today, we are updating the same course for them as the scenarios for stress are different and there are several more reasons why employees can get stressed in today’s world.

3. Progress: There will be a need to update the eLearning courses when theprocess in the company or the content of the course itself has changed. Take for example, the induction program that happened in a company in 2003 is different from the induction program that happens now. Over the years, the same induction program cannot be used by that company because the company has grown in its processes, services, number of offices and in every aspect. Organizations streamline all their courses to be at par with the industry standards and that makes their courses competitive. They update their existing courses like HR or Management courses to the new levels of standard.

There are enormous benefits to be achieved from eLearning in the time to come.

And remember-if there were no change, there would be no butterflies!

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