Dealing with Different Types of Learners in E-learning

Dealing with Different Types of Learners in E-learning

Dealing with Different Types of Learners in E-learning

One of the biggest challenges instructional designers face while developing eLearning courses is maintaining the motivation levels of learners. Everybody loves to learn. But, as an eLearning professional, you need to understand that various types of learners take the courses we develop. Surely, we can’t use the same strategy for all types of learners. Understanding learners will help you to design a course that is more learner-centric.

Assertive Learners

These learners are confident about themselves. They are always curious and motivated to learn things, which in turn build up their confidence. They think that they are proficient in everything. They usually don’t like to be guided. Learning through Explanation and Discovery (LEAD) is the best strategy that can be used to teach these learners, as they prefer learning through exploration and practice.


Go-getters are workaholics who always hunt for information in order to improve their knowledge. They are exceptional performers who expect constant feedback. They are ready to accept any type of challenge and open for discussion. Case-studies are the best way to teach this type of learners. They enable the learners to think about a situation and take the right decision which leads to a solution. Also, immediate feedback can be provided based on their selection. 

Emotive Learners:

These learners become emotional and indulge themselves in a given situation. Scenarios are the best way to engage this type of learners. Adopting this strategy encourages the learners to relate themselves to a specific situation and with the characters in the scenario. 

Unenthusiastic Learners:

This cluster of learners lacks motivation and is uninterested to take a course and put minimal efforts to complete the course. These learners generally look for an easy course. It is not very easy to engage this type of learners. Storytelling, scenarios and guided learning are the best approaches to motivate unenthusiastic learners. 

Enthusiastic Learners:

Enthusiastic/motivated learners are usually eager to learn new things. These learners must be allowed to select the content they learn. They can be provided with additional resources like PDF files, hyperlinks, etc. Logical presentation is one of the best strategies to teach these learners.

These are just a few examples. There are many other types of learners. Apart from analyzing the nature and purpose of the content, as an eLearning professional, you need to study the audience’s profile and decide on the appropriate strategy to teach them.

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