Different Types of Assessments Used in E-learning

Different Types of Assessments Used in E-learning

According to Loughborough university and Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), assessments are an integral part of the strategies, formulated to improve learning quality. In this blog, I would like to share the different types of assessments used in eLearning.

  1. Single select
  2. Multiple select
  3. Drag and drop
  4. Drag and match
  5. Drop-down list
  6. True or false
  7. Fill in the blank

Single select: Single select is used when you want to let the learner select only one answer from a given list of options by providing radio buttons beside the options.

Single select doesn’t allow the learner to select more than one option.

Single Select

Multiple select: This type of assessment allows the learner to select multiple options while answering a question, by providing checkboxes beside each option.

Multiple Select

Drag and Drop: Drag and Drop assessments are useful, when you want to let the learner choose all the options, but make sure to follow a flow.

Drag and Drop

Drag and match: Drag and match assessments are  used when you want the  learner to drag the option on the left side of the screen and match it with the appropriate answer on the right.

Drag and Match

Drop-down list: Drop-down lists can be used when you want the learner to select the appropriate answer from the list of options available for the question.

Drop Down List

True or False: This type of assessment is used when you want the learner to choose either true or false options, depending on the statement. If the statement is true,the learner selects true option else he selects false.

True or False

Fill in the blanks: These assessments are used when you want the learner to select the correct option, in order to fill the blank. It can be used when you want to test the learner’s Knowledge.

Fill in the Blanks

Thus, different types of assessments can be used in eLearning courses based on their content and learning objectives. They help you evaluate your learners effectively, in an easy manner. In my next blog, let us see more about the use these different types of assessments.

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