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Keeping Pace with Latest Trends in E-learning Design and Development – Free Kit

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Keeping Pace with Latest Trends in E-learning Design and Development - Free Kit

Major developments in e-learning have taken place rapidly over the years. A research by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) reports that ‘e-learning is one of the fastest growing sectors in Global education segment with the expected revenue to reach up to $168.8 billion by 2018.

E-learning was initially instituted on desktops, and gradually shifted to multi device learning, and development. Learner is able to upgrade their knowledge and skills more easily due to the latest technological advancements.

Let’s take a look at the vast improvements that have advanced till now:

  • Courses designed for multiple devices and accessed through tablets, smart phones etc
  • Just-in time information is presented in smaller nuggets
  • Sophisticated features are developed without programming or technical knowledge with rapid authoring tools
  • Latest tools are converting Flash courses into HTML5making use of legacy courses
  • Corporations are saving around 50-70% on cost just by switching to online training methods.

Here is a kit that helps you get more information about these latest trends in e-learning design and development. It helps you to understand how courses can be created effectively, with the help of the latest design and development strategies.

To get more insights – Download the kit now!

View Kit on Latest Trends in E-learning Design and Development 2015


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