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Why Training in SCM Is Indispensable – Free Presentation

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Why Training in SCM Is Indispensable

Supply Chain Management has evolved into a complicated web of activities involving many players. Each of the players has an individual role in the Supply chain process. Sometimes, each player functions as independent units to the extent that they may forget they are part of a larger chain of activities that are inter dependent.

The supply chain includes activities right from strategizing, procurement, production, distribution, marketing/sales and up to service. A problem in procurement will have an impact in production and distribution. If the marketing department is oblivious of these factors and resorts to vigorous marketing, they may fail to keep up with the demand that follows resulting in loss of opportunity and money.

It is therefore necessary that every employee in the supply chain has a fair idea of the entire process and how their individual roles fit into the scheme of things. Training is one way of bringing everyone on board with the strategy and objective of supply chain process.

Download this presentation to understand the role of training in the supply chain management.

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